Opening event of the Italian Film Festival 2011.

Tuesday 1 March, 2011

Cadogan Hall
5 Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ

Nicola Piovani piano
Marina Cesari sax and clarinet
Pasquale Filasto cello and guitar
Andrea Avena double bass
Cristian Marini drums / percussion / accordion

'The Nicola Piovani Quintet in concert' is a performance of pieces written by Piovani for movies, theatre and concert. Piovani has written over 100 film scores, including three films with Federico Fellini, but his most famous work is the Oscar-winning score for Robert Benigni's 'Life Is Beautiful'. He now revisits and rearranges a broad cross section of his work for a small group of soloists lead by the composer himself on piano.

More intimate and flexible than a large orchestral event, this concert aims to showcase cantabile instruments such as saxophone, cello and accordion. It will also display the rhythmic agility and flare of an ensemble whose soloists thrive on invention and unearthing subtleties in a score originally intended for collective, choral performance. In short, this will be a rare treat, an insight into the career of one of Italian cinema's leading musical lights.

Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute and Cinecittà-Luce.